Waxing Services

Got wax?

We do and we are San Diego’s speed waxing specialists! We use only the highest-quality strip wax and hardwax, which will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and nourished. Whether this is your first wax or you’re seasoned pro, our technique will be the best you’ve ever experienced.

Pamper the ones you love…


Groom and tame your brows

Brow Tweezing

Careful Shaping to create balance, symmetry and harmony


Having a silky-soft upper lip is always a good idea

Face (Including Brows)

Face waxing services are an easy and efficient way to manage facial hair.

Side of Cheeks

Provides long-lasting hair removal, while requiring a bit of preparation

Under Arm

Forget shaving: underarm waxing is the ultimate in hair removal.


Rid yourself of unwanted arm hair, we offer full and half arm waxing

Chest & Back (inc. shoulders)

Enjoy smooth skin with expert waxing hair removal of Chest & Back waxing

Lower back

Lower back waxing includes the hair from the lower mid portion of the back to the waistline.


Removes the hair from the surface area of the buttocks. Does not include inner backside.


Removes the hair from both shoulders


If you have hair on your stomach, our full stomach waxing treatment will remove it safely and quickly.

Chin, Ears, Nose or Toes

Win the battle with the effective waxing that will leave you feeling comfortable.


Most ladies find themselves more pleased with the results of waxing than other temporary hair removal options like shaving.

Bikini (Hard Wax)

It’s specifically made for coarse hair, doesn’t require a strip, and actually making it easier for the wax to uplift the hair.


While a standard bikini wax will leave a modest amount of hair, a Brazilian bikini wax will leave you entirely bare from front to back.

Brazilian (Hard Wax)

This wax is ideal for sensitive areas of the body that has coarse hair. Also, if you don’t have a high pain tolerance, this is the wax to go with.

Lower Leg

Warm and soothing wax is applied in strips to the front and back of both of your lower legs, from the top of the knee to the ankle.

Upper Leg

Our upper leg wax treatment involves hair removal from the front and back of both thighs to above the knees.

Full Leg

Involves hair starting from approximately two inches from the bikini line and includes the front and back of the thighs, knees, and lower legs.

Full Leg & Brazilian Wax

Involves hair removal from the front, back, sides, and everything in-between. Also includes the front and back of the thighs, knees, and lower legs.

Full Leg & Bikini Wax

This is the standard bikini wax. Also includes the front and back of the thighs, knees, and lower legs.

Several products are available for purchase including PFB for ingrown protection and numb it, a pre-wax lotion to help numb the skin for more comfort.

Note: You must be off of Accutane or Retin-A products for two weeks prior
to waxing service. These products cause thinning of the skin that may result in the lifting
of skin if waxing is done prior to the two-week period.

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