Organic Airbush Tanning

Spray Tan…

Get that extra glow with a premium spray tan. We use the best tanning solution available to ensure an odorless finish and natural sunkissed looking color, without being a sticky mess. Give it a try for your next special event or before heading out on your long overdue beach vacation.

Pamper the ones you love…

Organic Spray Tan…$45

(6-8 hours)

Membership Program*

Rapid Tan – $149 – (savings of $71)
Organic Tan-  $119 – (saving of $61)
* Membership are for 3 months and go month to month thereafter

Rapid Tan…$55

(4 hours)

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Prep Time!

One or Two Days Before:

On the day prior to tanning shave all areas of your body that you normally shave with a fresh razor and quality shaving cream. If you wax, do this two days prior to your airbrush tan! Shaving or Waxing on the day of your spray tan may leave some skin pores open, which will show up as tiny pin points. Shaving or waxing a day or two prior allows the pores to close.

Day of Tan Shower:

Wash your body thoroughly with a non-moisturizing soap or body wash.


Using a loofah, glove or body scrub mitt exfoliate that body! Slough it all off! Pay extra attention to your knees, heels and elbows as this is where we tend to have extra patches of rough skin.

After showering:

DO NOT apply any lotions, deodorants, perfumes or make-up. Your skin can now easily absorb the organic spray tanning formula that will give you a beautiful airbrush spray tan.

If you must wear make-up to go out (most of us prefer to) it can be washed off right before your session.

What to Wear for your Tan:

Wear loose-fitting, dark clothing to your appointment. Anything tight against the skin will be too abrasive and could rub off your organic spray tan before it has a chance to set in. Your airbrush spray tan will need to set in 4-8 hours after your session (depending on which tan is used).


Avoid wearing tight clothing such as jeans, socks, bra, tights, watch, sneakers, etc.

Do not apply moisturizer, deodorant or foundation until after your first shower.

Avoid physical exercise, heat or other situations where you might sweat before your first shower to allow the tan to develop fully.

Avoid getting wet while your tan develops

MOISTURIZE!!! But avoid any products that have parabens!

Avoid chlorinated swimming pools or hot tubs during the life of your airbrush spray tan. Chlorine and hot water will strip the product from your skin.

Apply a SPF sunscreen to your skin. Although you look tan, your skin can still burn as if there wasn’t a tan applied.